Fees Non-NHS Examinations and Services*


Updated June 2022

In all cases please allow a minimum of 15 working days for any requests to be completed and be aware that at busy times such as holidays/sickness, there may be a longer wait.

The GP's reserve the right to not complete patient requests at their discretion.

To Whom It May Concern letter (proof of registation, school, employer, fitness to travel) £25

Travel cancellation claim form £30

Firearms Licensing Certification  £25 Payment required when attending

Medicals (Employment/HGV/Taxi licence etc) £90 Payment required when attending

Post-emplyment medical  £50 Payment required when attending

Post-emplyment medical with report £60 Payment required when attending

Short medical report £35

Detailed medical report (no examination) £65

Further information/supplementary report £30

Ofsted Health Declaration Form £30

Ofsted Health Declaration Form (with medical) £75

Form 1H/A £60

Form M/B £45

Form C, D, YP and AME £90

Form AH £60

Private prescription £20

Private sick certificates £30

Private blood test (requested by private hospital/consultant or private fertility clinic) £30

Private consult with doctor (10 minutes) £60

Private consult with nurse (10 minutes) £30

*Please note that the GPs' will not sign:

Passports or driving licence applications

Medical forms for participation in extreme sports (e.g marathons, sky diving etc)

Patients can self-refer to the PHC Healthcare on the 20/20 Industrial Estate - 01622 677775