What To Do When Someone Dies At Home

You will need to telephone the doctor, as this is legally required. The doctor may need to visit to confirm the death. 

Contact the funeral director to inform them their services will be required. 

The Medical Certicate of Cause of Death (MCCD) when completed will be emailed to the Registrar's Office so that is will be available when the family attend the appointment. Please allow at least one week after the date of death for the GP to complete the MCCD.

what to do when someone does at home

 An appointment is necessary with the Registrar, please contact them on 03000 415151 and ask for the Registrar's office.  You may wish to book an appointment on-line: www.kent.gov.uk/births-ceremonies-and-deaths

The Registrar's office will issue you with a green form to be handed to the funeral director who will then be able to take complete responsibility for arranging the funeral.