Requirement - Please wear a face covering when you attend the surgery for all appointments.

Unfortunately GPs are not able to provide individual risk assessments or letters for patients who feel they should be exempt from wearing a mask.  The responsibility for issuing exemption whilst travelling lies with the transport provider. For example, Transport for London has produced a self-exemption certificate that patients can access on-line:

From 24 July 2020 people entering shops must wear a face covering.  Shopping is not an essential activity and patients who believe they are unable to wear a face mask should consider their need to shop.  Patients that are vulnerable and unable to wear a mask may wish to consider using a volunteer service such as Kent Together (03000 41 92 92) for support with their shopping:

Children under the age of 11 and people with disabilities or with breathing difficulties are exempt.

If you have a disability or condition that falls into one of the categories listed on the government website you can self-certify as being exempt.  Please see the links below:

Failure to wear a mask in a shop is a criminal offence and enforcement is the responsibility of the Police.  GPs are unable to issue certificates that permit patients to not comply with the law.

Published: Jun 17, 2020

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